STARVIEW 6/7 "Server Connection"


Product Description:
This support is only for a server connection for the Starview 6/7 with a LAN port. You can have 6 months connection. You must have the latest software ver 3.0 software installed. <DOWNLOAD>

1 . Once downloaded, copy it onto your USB stick then plug it into the back of the box.
2 . Press Menu >> Goto UTILITY >> USB select the file and press OK
3 . Once the software is installed the box will reboot.
4 . Select a channel, Press 1819 on the remote.

We are only acting as agents for Starview, we do not operate the servers, and we are unable to provide you with any support. Your emails will simply be ignored. We only provide a service to get your box number passed onto Starview, that is what you are paying for.

Only buy this service if you have the following message,

Your box has a BLUE SCREEN with a LOGIN MESSAGE and an EXPIRY DATE

We will need your 6 digit box number, E.G 0128A4
Please include it in your payment or email it to

Terms + Conditions:
1.There are no refunds once box is connected.
2.We do no compensate for server downtimes or missing channels.
3.Anyone doing chargeback, your box will be permanently banned.
4.We do not provide technical support for your box, please contact your box supplier or use a forum.
5.We do not supply firmware/ how to guides/ troubleshooting/ internet problems so please do not ask, as your request will be ignored.

Please allow 5-14 days for re-connection.

Anyone not able to follow the rules we will simply refund your money and banned your box.